May: Rethinking Salaries and Social Change

Is the NPO sector underpaid? Are fixed term contracts demoralising the sector? Are there other (non-financial) ways to attract and retain talented staff? What needs to change so that we can build the best, highest-functioning NPO teams? These questions will be debated between non-profit leaders and HR practitioners to give us practical solutions for the sector.
Speakers: Karen Grant, Annelie Marais & Pippa Shaper; Moderated by Gavin Coetzee

August: Building Organisations Beyond the Founder Stage

What can we learn from successful founders and leaders who have taken their organisations beyond the start-up phase? What key steps can founders and leaders take to prepare their organisations for formal management? How do founders and leaders “let go” and give organisations the runway for further growth and development?
Successful NPO and social enterprise founders will help us answer these questions in a special event designed for NPO and CBO leaders and managers.
Speakers: Bulelwa Basse (Lyrical Base), Nomvula Dlamini (CDRA), Charles Maisel (Innovation Shack), Lauren O’Donnell (Greenpop)

October: How Organisations Can Build Successful Legacy Programmes

Can any organisation start a bequest programme? What are the key elements that need to be in place to start building a bequest programme? What are the top tips for any organisation looking to enhance or build a bequest programme?

Successful legacy fundraising requires special skills and knowledge that allows for longer-term relationship building and delicate conversations. 

Speakers: Carol-Ann Brand (Salesian Institute); Liz Linsell (Children’s Hospital Trust); Margaret Roestorf (St. Luke’s Hospice) with facilitator Sarah Scarth (The Resource Alliance)

February: Trialogue CSI research

Trialogue will share their latest CSI research released in December 2015, presented by Rose Cohen, Managing Editor, Trialogue. The research offers essential insights into the spending patterns of corporates investing in social development. These insights are based on Trialogue’s annual primary research conducted with companies and NPOs.


February: Get your Board on board!

Many organisations lack a structure or culture that encourages understanding of or involvement in fundraising.  Trustees, and even executives often don’t see fundraising as their role, and in many cultures, there are serious barriers, such as the reluctance to talk about money.  Fundraisers need to make it easy and comfortable for board members and other leaders to engage.  In this session, we explore how to build trust and inspire active fundraising by your leadership, wherever you work.
Presenter: Lucy Blythe, Founder, Philia International

July: Monitoring and Evaluation: An essential tool for NPOs

Monitoring and Evaluation is key in proving an organisation’s impact and thus vital in retaining relationships with existing donors as well as attracting new donors. Join us for a discussion around the role of monitoring and evaluation for NPOs, current trends and development in monitoring and evaluation in South African and practical ways to implement monitoring and evaluation in your organisation.
Panel speakers: Sonja Geise from DG Murray Trust, Jerushah Rangasami from Impact Consulting, Dena Lomofsky from Southern Hemisphere and Gabrielle Habberton from Greater Impact.

August: Advocacy and Activism: Bringing together diverse stakeholders to create change.

How can nonprofit organisations bring together different groups, including government and civil society, to solve complex social problems? How can social sector leaders use tools such as advocacy and activism to change the rules that keep entrenched power dynamics in place? How can nonprofit organisations work with government to advance their social mission? How do philanthropic funders view social justice, and use this in their funding decisions?
Speakers from DG Murray Trust, Equal Education, Amandla.mobi & the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship

October: Optimal Funding – Funding that works for your organisation.

An interactive discussion between panelists from Mothers2Mothers; Institute for Justice and Reconciliation; Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust and Children’s Hospital Trust on current funding trends and opportunities within and outside South Africa. Insights and opinions will be shared by thought leaders from large and small organisations, who raise funds from aid agencies and institutional donors, corporates, HNWI and individuals.

November: Happy, inspired, loyal and motivated teams. How can we ensure that this is a reality when times are challenging?

Learn how other organisations approach the question of reward and satisfaction in the workplace to ensure a loyal and happy workforce, including ways to keep your team members feeling motivated and inspired; how to prevent burnout in an intense often emotionally challenging sector; and creating a culture and work ethic in your organisation that attracts and retains the right people.


February: Leadership under Pressure

Being in a leadership position in the NPO sector is challenging, delivering on mission with limited resources whilst satisfying multiple stakeholders.  It’s also hard to maintain your own resilience in the face of constant change and work that never really feels done. Leadership Under Pressure in the NPO sector will give you an opportunity to explore your own strengths and ways of building your own resilience and that of your team. Presenters: Director of Philia International, Lucy Blythe, and CDRA Director, Nomvula Dlamini.

May: Legal Compliance and Governance for NPOs

Two sector experts, Cathy Masters of CMDS Consulting and Nicole Copley of ngoLAW, will cover some of the most important things for you to know when it comes to compliance and governance for NPOs in South Africa. Learn what we should be doing to ensure that our organisations remain compliant, credible and enjoy good governance.